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We have fourteen years of experience in digital branding, marketing, technology, video production, and online community management. Put our unparalleled experience to work for you. We get results.

Brand Consultation

Your digital brand is your online lifeline. The problem is, it's not who you are, it's who you users think you are.

Creative Design

Technology is a means for creative expression in the digital realm. Our full-stack developers think like creatives.

Social Media

Your identity is defined by what people are saying about you. Don't try to control the conversation, own it.

Modern Design

Digital design is as much about experience as it is about performance. Our front-end engineers optimize for speed.

Advertising Consulting

When the IAB and Google needed to learn more about the user-experience of advertising for publishers, they came to us.

Marketing Consultation

You need users. We know users. Our strategies build gigantic communities where the users have loyal devotion.

About us

The Above Network, LLC was founded to create and manage extraordinary online communities. With its exclusive custom community platform, Above Board, The Above Network, LLC services millions of visitors every month.

Our primary community, www.abovetopsecret.com, is a legendary platform for discussion and debate of an extraordinary range of provocative topics. Content from "ATS," what it's known as, has been featured on the front page of nearly every major newspaper in the US, discussed by every network and cable news station, been featured on major network television series, referenced by NASA, and much more. Members include international celebrities, celebrated scientists and academics, presidential candidates, state governors, NASA mission commanders, journalists, and more.


The proprietary technology platform, Above Board, is the most sophisticated user generated content software available anywhere. Developed in house by our CEO (who has several patents), the technology was created specifically for a high-demand community that offers a broad suite of free services to those who contribute content. With more than four million pages of content on an excess of a million topics, it's the largest and most sophisticated website of its type.

The Above Network, LLC also manages and develops in Wordpress. We redesigned and mange disinfo.com another highly regarded destination for uniquely provocative topics, in a more curated and journalistic environment.

Our Portfolio

We create and manage platforms for the examination of provocative issues and geopolitical events. Sometimes, we even have a little fun with it.


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