The Internet culture is one of collaboration, driven by the ethics of sharing. Nothing exemplifies this unique culture more than that of social content communities where people combine their collective knowledge in search of new discoveries.

SmartCrowds is our primary focus. These are the online communities that have transcended beyond a group of people with similar interests into content ecosystems that generate new ideas, new knowledge, and are valuable to the online culture. Either through wholly-owned entities or partnerships, our goal is to bring the brilliance of these online communities to a broader audience through a combination of line extensions and content enhancements.

The DNA of a "smart crowd" evolves not from mainstream media, but from the myriad of diverse content choices available online. While the news and information coming from top-tier networks will always be important, smart crowds know that informational gaps are filled via the lesser-trafficked sites of the Internet "long-tail."

AdSession, through our spin-off company, AdSession Corp., is a patent-pending technology focused on the revenue needs of long-tail websites. Nothing is more important to the Internet culture than the vitality of the Internet long-tail, those millions of smaller-sites that fuel the thought process of smart crowds.

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